Gibsons Getaways is a group of four unique, independently owned accommodations who share a common philosophy:

"To offer you, our guests, a comfortable, quality getaway where you can unwind, relax, and experience the natural tranquility of Gibsons, BC, Sunshine Coast."

All of our Gibsons accommodations offer you romantic ocean views, comfortable rooms with private ensuites, and warm hospitality. Each accommodation is conveniently located within minutes of picturesque Gibsons Landing on the Sunshine Coast and the ferry terminal to Vancouver.

Although similar in philosophy, quality, and location, each Gibsons accommodation offers its own unique range of services and amenities. Click on the pictures above and explore our websites to choose the Gibsons accommodation that feels right for you. Rest assured that you are choosing from among the finest Gibsons lodgings on the Sunshine Coast in Canada. Click on the BC Ferries link below to start planning your visit to Gibsons and the Sunshine Coast today.